Eat: Big Bazooka Burger at La Patate

The Boy eats a lot.  He's big and he needs his food.  Lots of it.  For that reason, I was impressed to find a place in Phnom Penh where we could share a meal and both end up full.  The only meal that can do that is the Bazooka Burger at La Patate.  It's huge!

Beneath that mountain of Belgian Fries lurks the burger...

It's not pretty, but it is tasty.  And very filling.

This was my third of the burger... the Boy polished off the other two thirds.
But, the best part is the sauces....

There's about 8 to choose from.  Not being chilli fans, we opted for aioli and andalouse.

One Bazooka Burger will set you back $5.50 (add an extra $1 if you want cheese), and will feed two big eaters.

Even though we were stuffed, we couldn't resist the rich Belgian Chocolate Mousse before rolling home.

While admiring the vintage Tin Tin posters.

You can find La Patate one block behind the Riverfront on Street 5 near the Old Market.

Honestly, what with Belgian Fries and Belgian chocolate, what more could you want.

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