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December is upon us, and it brings with it the annual abundance of "year in review" lists.  I'm not sure why, but I love these lists. Maybe it's because I'm fond of lists in general.  Maybe it's because I tend to spend most of the year in a little bubble detached from world news, and these reviews are a great way to find out what I missed!

When I was teaching (yes, I was an English teacher), this was my favourite time of year for lesson plans.  There is so much great stuff floating around the Internet at this time of year.  I no longer teach, and so all these resources are no good to me, but I thought I'd pop them on here for any anyone who shares my love of end of year lists.

Google Zeitgeist
I know this probably makes me a geek, but I wait for the Google Zeitgeist to be released every year.  The video was posted yesterday. 

Yahoo Year in Review
This year, I think Yahoo did a better job than Google.  I may have even shed a tear when I watched this one.

Twitter 2012
Twitter's year in review video isn't great, but the website's pretty good.

Merriam Webster's Year in Words
Okay, so this will probably only appeal to linguists, list junkies and teachers, but Merriam Webster's year in words lists words that saw a spike in the number of searches along with the reasons why.  

And this last one's just for teachers, if you're looking for a good end of year activity, each year releases the Year in Rap.  2012 hasn't been released yet, but you can find the 2011 Year in Rap here.  Getting students to create their own year in rap is a great end of year activity. 

Hope you enjoy the last few weeks of 2012.
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