Absence makes the heart grow fonder (hopefully)

Gah, how does a couple of days become three weeks, just like that! Sorry for the extended absence.  I haven't got an excuse. Other than that my laptop died... that definitely hasn't helped.

I have also been in the mood for baking.  I think being on holidays and eating every single meal out means that I come home desperate for home cooking.  So I made these great Nutella Swirl Banana Muffins (recipe from here).

And these amazing Passionfruit Self-saucing Puddings.  I used this recipe, but didn't bother with the lemon juice and zest (I find them tart enough with just the passionfruit).  I had good intentions of sharing these with friends... but they didn't last that long.  Oops.

I have also managed to, finally, start sorting out photos from our trip last year... so stay tuned!

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