Go: Floating Village, Halong Bay, Vietnam (Part 3)

Our final morning on Halong Bay I couldn't bear to go inside, so we decided to eat our breakfast on the deck in the cool morning air.  After our pastries and coffee, we headed off to spend our final morning at a floating village.

We were transported by bamboo boats. Being slowly rowed around the limestone karsts was so calm and relaxing (for us, although probably not for the man doing the hard work!).

Even while watching adults, children and pets going about their day, I found it almost impossible to imagine what growing up in this floating village would be like.  In some respects so remote and quaint, and yet having tourists wandering through every day.  As it was Sunday we got to have a nosy through the local school, which I was surprised to see had recently received help from a school in Sydney.  Not as disconnected from the outside world as I might have first thought!

While we had a wander, our chauffeurs gossiped as they rested.

 Then on to our final stop, a pearl farm. I was fascinated to watch a local woman starting off the pearl process (I'm not sure what the proper term is for it, I was too busy watching and not listening!) before wandering around the shop.

After resisting temptation we headed back to the Junk for our final meal in idyllic Halong Bay. Before being bundled back onto the bus for our trip back to Hanoi.

The trip back to Hanoi was much the same as the trip to Halong Bay punctuated by another obligatory stop at a shop selling handicrafts made people with disabilities.  Although it looks identical, it is not the same shop.  The nice thing about the trip back was that, now familiar with our fellow travellers, there was virtually constant chatter which distracted us from the constant bumps.  

We got back to Hanoi exhausted and ready to fall into bed, but we still had a long trip ahead of us on to Sapa...

If you want to read about the beginning of our Halong Bay experience it's here and hereAnd I posted some general advice here. 
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