Go: Kayaking in Bai Tu Long Bay - Vietnam (Part 2)

I insisted on leaving the curtains open, so that first thing in the morning I could roll over to gaze at this...

We had booked a 3 day tour, instead of the more popular 2 day tour. So we smugly enjoyed a little sleep in, knowing that the majority of our group were heading off to a floating village bright and early, before being shuttled back to Halong City at 11 am.  We were incredibly happy that we would have an extra day to explore Bai Tu Long bay (Ha Long's equally beautiful but lesser known neighbour).  But first things first: breakfast.

Don' t worry, those pastries were followed by a proper cooked brekky.

After breakfast, we transferred to a smaller, day boat that would transport us deeper into Bai Tu Long Bay.  Apart from some working boats we didn't see any other vessels during our expedition.

We reached our destination and it was time for kayaking.  The Boy and I are not keen kayakers, but kayaking through the bay was something pretty special.

We attempted kayaking through this cave, but it was a bit too rough.  Am I to the only one that thinks the top gap looks like Australia?  Maybe I'm just homesick ; )
Our guide took us to some remote caves, these caves were very different from the photos I've seen of Sung Sot (Surprise) cave.  They were deep and black and we had to clamber, creep, crawl and wriggle to get through some of the narrow gaps.  However, we were rewarded with some stunning views and amazing stalactites.

We then kayaked back to the day boat for another impressive seafood lunch (along with some pretty tasty non-seafood options for the Boy).  We could have spent the afternoon kayaking some more but, due to my complete lack of skill, the Boy and I were already soaked and there was a chilly breeze.  So we opted to head back to the ''mother ship'' and spend the afternoon chilling out. I spent most of the afternoon sitting at the bow of the boat, dangling my feet out over the bay, snuggling into a fluffy towel and enjoying the breeze in my hair.

We decided to spend our second evening on board enjoying cocktails and the view from our private terrace (did I mention our cabin suite had a private terrace?).  A perfect way to end a perfect day.

If you want to read about the rest of our Halong Bay trip you can find it hereand hereAnd I posted some general advice here.  
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