Ultimate Day in Phnom Penh

So many blogs have 'one day in Phnom Penh' posts, and after reading a number of them I started wondering what my perfect day in Phnom Penh would look like. This would probably be it:

Firstly, a big day in Phnom Penh would require a big breakfast.  So I'd start at the Living Room and grab a smoothie and one of their vegetarian breakfasts.

Breakfast at Living Room
Once replete, I'd head over to the National Museum, and do something cultural.  Not only is the museum interesting, I find the central garden very soothing.

Courtyard of the National Museum
Having had my fix of history and culture, it'd be time to shop!  I'd walk down to Street 240 and stop in at the Shop for a coffee (and cake!), before whiling away the rest of the morning window shopping.

The Shop
For lunch I'd head across to Van's Restaurant and have one of their bargain set lunch menus while soaking up the atmosphere in their gorgeous dining room.

Van's Dining Room
In the afternoon, I'd go for a massage, probably at Villa Paradiso so that I could also spend an hour or so lazing by the pool.

Villa Pardiso
At 5pm I'd have found my way to the FCC for happy hour drinks overlooking the Mekong.  Being at the FCC, surrounded by expat and tourists always makes me feel like I'm on holiday.  From FCC I'd take a stroll down the riverfront to try and work up an appetite, and perhaps take a sunset cruise down the river.

Happy Hour at FCC

Then off to dinner at Ocean.


After dinner, I'd head back to my room at  one of Phnom Penh's lovely boutique hotels (this is the Ultimate day remember, it doesn't include going home!) and sink into a comfy bed.

(By the way, did you notice I've changed the font.  I was hoping it would be easier to read, what do you think?)
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