Eat: USA Donuts...and Burgers

I've been going to USA donuts for years (well, more accurately, I've been trying to stay away from USA donuts for years).  Donuts are one of my weaknesses and USA donuts has a pretty good selection, especially if, like me, you like the glazed variety.  

But, it was only recently that I noticed the burger menu and decided to try them out one lunchtime.  This place isn't going to win any awards for ambience, but I do kind of like the retro styled orange chairs.

The larger than life owner greeted me at the door and was very keen to show me what was on offer.  The menu has a wide range of burger options, starting from just a few dollars up to whopper burgers.  I went mid-range with a Bacon Cheeseburger with onion rings.

The burger was a good old-fashioned burger - nothing fancy but it tasted good.  The onion rings, on the other hand, were a little disappointing.

The burger left me far too full to consider indulging in a donut... so I had no choice but to take them home for later.

After being squished into my bag and bounced home, they looked a bit worse for wear, but they sure tasted good.

USA Donuts also houses quite a good little convenience store, especially if you're after American products, candy, snacks or toiletetries.

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