Eat: Best breakfast ever at Epic Arts Cafe, Kampot

I know what you're thinking. "Those are some good-looking eggs"  It's what I thought too.  

Not too long ago we were in Kampot.  I'd wanted to try Cafe Espresso. But they were shut.  So we headed round the corner to Epic Arts Cafe.  I'm so glad we did. This is a social enterprise and many of the staff are deaf. But they've done a great job of setting up the place so communication isn't a problem at all.

We've be on the hunt for good eggs benedict for quite some time. And let me tell you, they're not easy to find. And if we're being pedantic, these aren't really eggs benedict, but actually eggs florentine (spinach rather than ham). But I'm willing to overlook the misleading name because these were by far the best attempt at either eggs benedict or floretine we've had in Cambodia, and would rival many I've had at home. The bread is homemade Kampot Pepper bread, even if you don't have eggs, you have to try this bread - it's so good!

My companion had an omelette and we washed it all down with their house-blend coffee, which as it happens is from Cafe Espresso.

There's also a little boutique to have a look while you're waiting for your order. I loved this place so much I was back the next morning for exactly the same breakfast. If you're in Kampot, check it out.

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