Eat: Working my way through the menu at Taqueria Corona

Yes, it is.
Have you ever discovered a restaurant and loved it so much that you went back at every opportunity just so you could work your way through the menu?  I have. 

I finally made it to Taqueria Corona for what is supposed to be some of the best Mexican food in Phnom Penh.  Now let me say right now that I am far from an expert on Mexican food, and a total wimp when it comes to chillis, so I am in no position to tell you how authentic the food here is. But what I can tell you is that it tastes great (and it looks like the real deal). 

They also serve my favourite summer drink, Sangria, in huge glasses (the Mojitos aren't bad either).

Since first discovering this place a few weeks ago, I have used every excuse I can find to go back and try as much as I can on their small but good menu.  Most dishes come with your choice of meat and I am a huge fan of the Barbacoa - slow-cooked marinated beef.  I even get it on my nachos (by special request).

I know it's a big statement, but I'm pretty sure these are the best (and prettiest) nachos I've ever tasted. The purple corn chips are crispy and fresh, as is the salsa, there's a few jalapenos thrown in to give it a little kick and it's all covered in generous amounts of meat, sour cream and cheese (and beans if you want them).

In my many visits I've also tried the excellent red enchiladas, and the soft tacos.  The Boy has been working his way through the burgers which are also great.  Unfortunately most of the photos I've taken look like they were taken by a ballerina mid-pirouette (I blame the mood-lighting), but if you're interested take a look.

A main course here will set you back around $6-8, but the servings are generous.  My only complaint is that there are no sweets... but you could always grab ice-cream at the Blue Pumpkin afterwards ; )

You'll find Taqueria Corona on Street 51 between Streets 242 and 254 (just a couple of blocks from the Independence Monument).

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