On the street: Milk Fruit

Fresh fruit is one of my favourite things about living in Cambodia.  Especially in our area, the side of the road is lined with tables laden with all types of fruit.  Most of which I had never set eyes on before we moved here.

There is just one problem, how does one eat all these fruits?  It may sound stupid, but this problem is always in my mind when buying new fruits.  Can I eat the skin?  Should I swallow the seeds?  Which is the best way to open it?  My concern over eating fruit the "wrong way" was exacerbated buy biting into some unknown fruit only for it to make my entire mouth and throat dry up and seemingly contract to the point where I thought I was going to choke to death.  (I know this sounds very melodramatic, but it was really very unpleasant).

A few weeks ago a friend dropped by with some fruit for us.  It's milk fruit, she announced, "jeh nyum dtay?", which literally means can you eat it?  "Yes", I answered, enthusiastically.  Actually, I'd never seen one before in my life.  But, I'm always eager to try new things and I thought for sure Google would be able to tell me anything I needed to know.

As it turns out, Google doesn't have a lot to say about Milk Fruit so I questioned another Khmer friend.  He cut the fruit in quarters and instructed me to eat it in much the same way you would eat a quarter of an orange.  Avoid the skin he warns, using a Khmer word I am unfamiliar with.  Not knowing the exact consequence of eating the skin I carefully ate only the very centre and discarded the large seeds.

Yes, they come in two colours.  Don't let my camera deceive you, the one at the front is green, not yellow.

My lips did come in contact a little with the skin, and I understood what he had meant.  It's hard to describe but itmakes your lips feel quite unpleasant, kind like the inside of a banana peel, and a bit sore.  However the  flesh is quite tasty refreshing, with a jelly-like consistency. Although, I wouldn't describe it exactly like milk.

Since first trying the fruit I've noticed it's on sale everywhere at the moment, so if you see it and haven't tried, give it a go!
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