Go: Moutain Break Sapa, Vietnam (at the Victoria Hotel)

After our walk we headed back to the hotel to check in.  We were staying at the Victoria Hotel (which is obligatory if you want to take the Victoria Express).  The hotel itself is beautiful and the rooms were immaculately furnished.  Be warned though, they do not have air conditioning or ceiling fans.  If you need a fan, you must ask for it.  Our room was stifling when we arrived and it took us a while to figure out that the heating was on.  However, at night, even with the heating on I was cold. (I was bemused to see all the staff wearing polar fleeces... might be a little hint that you need to turn the heating up people!!)  My favourite thing about this hotel was the fluffy towels.  The towels were the biggest, thickest towels I have ever come across.  I was very tempted to try and souvenir one (I didn't!).


After a short rest a the hotel, we braved the cool night air and fog to find something to eat.  But first off we headed to the end of the main street to a little bar with a warm fire call Moutain View that sells local sapa fruit (rice) wine.

After having warmed ourselves up, we headed back up the street to the popular Romano's Restaurant for pizza.  We really loved Romano's. The pizza was great and so was the gnocchi (regular readers will know that we are always on the lookout for good gnocchi!)  We took advantage of the cold weather to order hot chocolate, but unfortunately that was the only disappointing part of our meal. 

We trundled back to the hotel full and happy, and it wasn't long until we'd sunk into bed.
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