Go: Shopping and comfort food in Sapa, Vietnam

Our second day in Sapa, the Boy woke up sicker.  So we slept in before wandering down for breakfast.  Breakfast at the Victoria is excellent.  There's a lovely open fire in the centre of the dining room. And a huge selection of breakfast fare.

I was particularly happy to see lemon curd, which I love and have never seen in Asia.  

But my favourite discovery was the Bahn Cuon, a light fluffy pancake filled with mushroom cooked to order... they were delicious.
Yummy banh cuon (on the left side of the plate)
The Boy went back to bed and I drank coffee and caught up on emails until they closed the dining room.  After letting the Boy rest for a while I convinced him to go for a walk with me.  It was even foggier than the day before.  But, not having been in fog for a few years I was happy and excited. I loved the bite in the air and the atmosphere (although I did feel sorry for the Boy).

 Shopping in the market at Sapa is a little challenging.  As soon as you show the slightest interest in looking at something sellers appear from all directions proffering their wares.  It's a bit intense.  The experience was made more stressful by the miserable Boy by my side trying to hurry me up.  However, I finally settled on some items which I bought from the sellers who had been the most patient and helpful.  Especially this woman, who helpfully suggested to some of the other sellers to give me a moment in peace to decide what I wanted; I was extremely grateful to her.

I also bought from these ladies, who were incredibly animated, until I asked to take their photo.  They readily  agreed, but the sight of a camera seemed to rid them of all emotion.

We interrupted our wandering with regular stops for comfort food. Warm soup for the sickling.  I had forgotten how good hot soup on a wintry day could be.

And these delicious fried apple cakes with Sapa honey.  

And a cat that happily made itself at home on my lap.

We found another spot for mulled wine, which is one of my all time favourite things.

Having satisfied ourselves and worn the Boy out, we headed back to the Victoria to while away the late afternoon before taking the Victoria Express back to Sapa.  The stairs back up the hill were a bit of a challenge.

At the hotel, I took a dip in the huge indoor pool, while the Boy snoozed on one of the sunlounges.

After a lovely hot shower we headed back down to Lao Cai and on to the train back to Hanoi.
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