Eat: The FCC, Same Same but Different

Last weekend I was in bad mood.  You know those days when you just wake up cranky (or does that only happen to me?).  I struggled through the day, but everything drove me nuts. The crazy driving. The heat. The dust. The humidity.  At 5pm I told the Boy that he had to take me out.  I needed a pick me up.

We decided on drinks and dinner at the FCC on the river front.

I love going to the FCC, even though it really is a tourist haunt.  Something about being surrounded by people on holidays makes me very happy.  It's as if that relaxed, on-vacation vibe is contagious.  But I have to say, recently the FCC has undergone some changes, and not necessarily for the better.

Of course, the best thing about the FCC is the location and ambiance and that's as wonderful as ever.

I never get bored of looking down at the buzzing river front.  The great thing about the FCC is you can peacefully enjoy your drinks above the hustle and bustle.  Or curl up in one of their super comfy armchairs.

Unfortunately though, the service is not as good as it used to be.  The staff are friendly as always, but obviously rushed off their feet and unable to deliver the service we've been used to.  And while the menu is largely the same, the drinks in particular were not the same quality as before.

It seems my photographs were also lacking quality - oops!
The food at FCC has never been cheap but the portions seem to have shrunk.  That being said, my pasta was absolutely delicious and the Boy's beef cheek simply fell apart.  I don't think he even bothered to use his knife.

We headed downstairs to Fresco cafe for dessert and a bit more peace and quiet.  And it  certainly was quiet!  But again, the quality isn't what it used to be and our cakes, while very cheap (50% off in the evenings) tasted a bit old and stale.

While I still think happy hour at the FCC (from 5pm - 7pm) is a must do for visitors to Phnom Penh, I hope that the service and quality will go back to how I remember.

So in short, FCC, I still love you... just not as much as I used to.

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