A Photo A Day #1

You might have already heard about the A Photo A Day challenge.  It's pretty simple, take a photo every day.  A visual journal if you will.  I love the concept of this challenge, so I've been giving it a shot, with varying levels of success.  My goal is to take a photo a day and, once a week, have 7 photos to post here for my efforts.

I have to warn you that I have (and will probably continue to) cheat a little (i.e., throw in some other snapshots for the days I miss).

There will also probably be a lot of photos of food.  (Not just because food is a big part of my life [which it is], but because often lunchtime is the only time in the day where I actually stop long enough to think about taking photos.)  And the photos probably won't be great quality as I usually chuck my cheap point-and-click in my bag rather than lugging around my proper camera.

But all the same, I'm going to give it my best a shot, so, without further ado:

A Photo A Day - First Edition

Abandoned Bike

A bold gecko


Cat nap

Cheesy Crust
PS:  Pizza Company has started delivering to our area.  I'm a little bit embarrassed about how excited we were!

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