Go: Relaxing at the Sunrise Resort, Hoi An

From Hue we headed on to Hoi An by train.  We had decided the train was a nice compromise between the bus that apparently goes through the mountain (and misses most of the view) and a car which would take the best part of the day and cost significantly more.  Plus we had yet to experience the government rail service, so this was the perfect opportunity.

So we set off mid morning from the rather beautiful Hue train station.

We had soft seat tickets which the staff at Jade had organised for us the day before.  We paid slightly more than the face value (US$5 per person) but we thought it was worth it for the convenience.  The train was pretty full but comfortable enough.  The train goes through some of the mountains but for the second half of the journey it hugs the coast.  The views are pretty spectacular but, sadly, we were on the wrong side of the carriage.

From Danang we got a taxi to our accommodation (please note you will get a better deal by negotiating a fare up front rather than using a meter on this trip).  For our last stop we had decided to splurge and stay at the Sunrise Resort Hoi An.  I have to admit I was a little nervous as there were mixed reviews for this new hotel (as there are for virtually all hotels in Vietnam!).

When we checked in they upgraded us to a suite, so we were off to a good start.  The Suite was amazing.  On the third floor it had huge glass doors that looked directly out over the ocean. A massive bed, from where I could see the sea.  A sitting room.  Two huge TVs.  The biggest bathtub I have ever set eyes on.  And a guest bathroom.  Am I gushing?  Sorry, but it was nice!

But the room wasn't the best part.  The best part was the infinity pool overlooking the beach.  Honestly, I could have spent the whole time by this pool and been perfectly happy. There is another much larger pool at the resort as well.

As you can see from the picture above.  The beach isn't the greatest, what with being held up by sandbags and all.  But I was perfectly content staring out at it from the infinity pool.  The fact that the weather was perfect (as you can see) helped too.

We didn't eat at the resort, although they were setting up what looked like an amazing seafood barbeque buffet one night (it wasn't cheap).  But the breakfast was very good.  An excellent range of food which changed daily meaning we never got board and complimentary cappacinos which kept the coffee addict happy.

The hotel is quite a distance out of town, but they have a free shuttle service or you can hire bikes and ride in (we took the lazy option!)  If you want to chill out I'd staying near the beach, but if you like being in the heart of a place look for somewhere in town.

As I said, I could have happily spent the whole time at the hotel.  But we didn't. More about that to come!
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