APAD #2 - 24 February

I've been a bit quiet this week due to some technical difficulties, which I hope will be overcome shortly.

In the meantime, here's A Photo A Day for this week.

This made me laugh... in case you were wondering
Mojito Mentos do not contain alcohol.  Chew and drive to your heart's content!

Steve's dog's 'woe is me' look.

Burger at Botanico.  If this isn't a Man's Burger, I don't know what is.  A huge chunk of beef, swiss cheese,
red wine infused mushies and mustard sauce, and jaw-breakingly tall.  We have a winner.

Nightime visitor... a toad with what appears to be a bindi?

Flowers make me happy... even if they aren't real.
My least favourite street in Phnom Penh - Street 105 (open sewer).

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