Trip Home: Part 3 - Hahndorf, SA

There are some great spots to explore which are just a short drive from Adelaide.  One of my favourites is... 

Any trip to a German town is going to involve a lot of food.  So we got started right away with hot chocolate and cherry streudel, surrounded by cuckoo clocks.

Then off for a wander around the very quaint shops.

We stopped at Cafe Assiette for lunch.  Sitting in front of their open fire on a winters day is glorious.  Their huge German sausage platter is amazing.  We shared it, but it could easily feed three.  Yum!!!

We also noticed a new restaurant.  I love what they've done with the interior, especially the bicycle above the bar.  Unfortunately after our huge lunch there was no chance of us squeezing anything else in so it's on the to do list for next time.

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