Chilling out in Australia

I didn't do much blogging last month, mostly because we headed home to Oz for some R&R. 

Now that we are back in PP I'm finally getting some time to sort through the photos.  Here are a few of our snapshots from Perth.

This is my new favourite cafe for breakfast, its called Donovan's and they do the best Eggs Benedict I have ever tasted.  The coffee's not bad either.

I think I ate more strawberries in a month than I've eaten in my whole life...well almost.  They tasted just as good as they look.  Especially served with Grand Marnier cream (to make your own, whip up fresh cream, a spoonful of sugar and a dash of Grand Marnier and serve a dollop with your strawberries - delicious!)

And, what better way to wash them down than with a super rich hot chocolate from San Churro, perfect during the chilly winter evenings.

My favourite thing to do in Perth is watching the sun set over the ocean.  I insist on doing it at least once every time we go.


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