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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about an evening when our moto broke down.  We were on our way to have dinner with friends when our motorbike broke down, about 10 seconds later it started bucketing with rain and we were stranded.  About an hour later we had managed to sort out the motorbike, but our dinner plans were ruined.  What to do?

We, fortunately, had broken down around the corner from Java Cafe, so we popped in there for happy hour drink and to come up with a new plan.  We decided on dinner at Ocean.  Ocean is one of my favourite Phnom Penh restaurants, and I knew dinner there would cheer me up.

Something about Ocean allows me to dream that I am some where on the mediterannean.  It's partly the white table clothes and wooden chairs, its partly the selection of aperitifs and the house wine served in a carafe,    it's partly the complimentary bruschetta appetizer, it's partly simple pasta dishes and fresh seafood, it's partly the owner sitting at his regular table each night, it's partly grappa and limoncello served as a digestif.

(Sorry about the picture quality!)

Bruschetta - tomato and guacamole

Fettuccine with Prawns and a tomato and white wine sauce


Oh, and Ocean has, what they claim is, the best Chocolate Mousse in Phnom Penh - and I think they're right.  It's rich, smooth and chocolaty, just like it should be.

We also enjoyed a complimentary digestif, limoncello and amaretto.  The perfect end to a lovely meal.

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