Eat: Pizza at La Luna D'Autunno

A couple of weeks ago The Boy and I had a lunch date at La Luna D'Autunno. I love the terrace at La Luna, its lovely, green, shady and spacious, and it has daybeds!  Enough to make you forget your in the centre of town.

 The menu is full of Italian classics, we generally go for pizza, although I've had some nice pasta here too (my favourite being the beef and orange pasta - I can't remember the name - sounds bizarre, but tastes amazing).  

I think the complimentary eggplant antipasto and bread is a nice touch.

The wood-fired pizzas here are a big meal for one or a small meal for two. We got a Parma. The base on the pizza is great, not too thick not too thin, with simple but tasty toppings.

We opted for one pizza between us so that we could get dessert : ). The boy got a semifreddo.

And, I got a trio of creme brulees, chocolate, vanilla and Grand Marnier.

Unfortunately the rain chased us indoors. But other than that it was a great lunch.

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