One of those weeks

On Monday, I opened the curtains to find this guy hanging out on the window.  I'm quite fond of geckos and was fascinated looking at his sticky little setae (yeah, I looked that up).  He hung out there all day, until evening when I noticed that he was still there, eyes wide open (I've since learnt geckos don't have eyelids, so that explains that), however, his tail was no longer against the glass, but hanging limply by his head.  Yep, dead.  I kind of feel like this little fella sums up how I feel about this week.  I kind of wish it just hadn't happened.

As is usually the case with those days/weeks, nothing particularly bad happened... just lots of little things.  Like on Tuesday, when the electricity failed about 5 minutes after I woke up and about 1 minute after we'd put the (electric) coffee pot on.  30 seconds later, we ran out of gas half way through making porridge.  Of course, being Pchum Ben, the replacement gas tank was 50% more expensive than usual.  So no coffee, no breakfast, no hot shower.  Of course the electricity came back on about 3 minutes before I left for work, just to annoy me!  By this stage, of course, I was late, and, what with school being back in and the festival, traffic was worse than usual.

After such a miserable morning, The Boy and I decided to take ourselves out for lunch.  Where nothing went right.  The food wasn't quite as good as last time we'd eaten there, they'd run out of the dessert we wanted, we ordered black tea off the menu and got green tea.  As we left, out of the lovely blue sky a seemingly solitary black cloud opened up right above us.  We didn't have raincoats, the road we wanted to go down had been closed and we had to detour. By this stage the entire sky had turned black and I got back to work literally dripping wet.  I spent the afternoon wet and shivering in the frigid air conditioning at work.

By Wednesday, a slight dampness in our ceiling  started dripping horrible brown water constantly into our bedroom.  Our landlord was away.  At lunch time, I grabbed my moto to head out for lunch to find my tyre was completely flat.  Thursday I got stuck in a nightmare traffic jam on Monivong Blvd.  On Friday night, we were heading out when our moto broke down, about 20 mins from home.  Exactly 30 seconds, later the heavens opened and it started bucketing with rain.   Within 10 seconds were sopping wet and it was evident that our dinner plans would have to be cancelled.

Oh, and I tried to make a baked cheesecake, but ended up making burnt cheesecake.

To be fair, it did taste good.

Anyway, it's finally the weekend.  
Sorry this post has been a bit of a rant... I promise to be happier next week.  Have a great weekend!

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