Trip Home: Part 9 - Montague Island

Okay, so I am really excited to tell you about Montague Island. Montague Island is an amazing place and one of the best experiences of our trip.  

The island lies about 9 km from the shore at Narooma, on the NSW south coast. This tiny island provides a refuge for a huge variety of wildlife, including a large number of seals and penguins.

It is also home to a historic lighthouse (commissioned in 1881) and the lighthouse keepers quarters.

But the main attraction is the wildlife.  Unfortunately, we didn't spot any penguins, but we did see a penguin house (box).

We got back on a boat for the highlight of our visit, the Seals.  There were literally hundreds of them.

Watching so many seals frolicking so close to the boat was an unforgettable experience.  Although it did make me appreciate how talented wildlife photographers must be.  

If you're ever in Australia, I would definitely recommend making the time to take a trip to Montague Island.  We just did a half day trip, but if you've got the spare time (and money) you can organise to stay at one of the lighthouse keepers' cottages on the island.  The accommodation has been renovated, we had a quick look around and I think it would be a fabulous place to stay.  You can check them out here.

After a cold morning out on the Island we stopped by Tilba, a quaint little village, on the way home and found a nice cafe for a warm lunch.

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